About us

The Five Star Hotels Group of websites comprises around 2000 hotel specific domain names around the world covering all the major capital and city five star hotel venues. SwiftRank.com offers Targeted Online Advertising through this unique portfolio of primary domains.

A ‘primary’ domain is one that is an exact match for internet users who search for precisely this term every month. If you own the domain that matches the precise search term and build a highly structured and optimised website that the major search engines will ‘love’, then you are on the path to success in the search results. Success in the search results means being highly listed by major search engines.

Because we own many thousands of the very best luxury ‘search term’ domains and our websites are built to be ‘loved’ by the search engines, we are able to target a very precise group of internet users specifically searching for luxury goods and services. In fact, the total average number of searches carried out on the ‘primary’ domain terms we own totals: 17,400,000 per year (as of 08.10.2008) and its growing! Fast!

It’s simple: No other advertising channel can direct this many qualified leads to your business. So what is it exactly that we can offer you ?

If your company is in the luxury travel or luxury lifestyle sector, we will have industry relevant keyword websites that you can advertise on. If you want to ensure your business is listed at the top of the luxury industry search term results, SwiftRank can offer you ‘targeted online advertising’.

PS: Feel free to tell your friends about us. Don’t tell your competitors !

The Company

SwiftRank PTE Ltd is a (proud) Singaporean company.
Our head office is at 14-04 Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Rd, Singapore, 238871.
Our company number is: 200809862H

Contact us:

Main Office Number : 6734.8515
Fax : 6725 8459