UAE Weather — Dubai travel guide useful city information UAE and All other countries Nearby. Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen Welcome to Dubai weather Update including United Arab Emirates weather for other cities such as the capital Abu Dhabi. High and low tourist seasons in this region of Arabian Sea is depend on the weather condition.  The gulf region naturally is a desert area with weather conditions for the desert like.  Though most of the area along the coastal area of Arabian Sea developed with high raise towers and settlement such as in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, but that not change the desert weather like condition in Summer and Winter. There are only two seasons in United Arab Emirates and most of the Middle East region, that is: WINTER: (Please note that is it not that winter you know of minus degree and freezing points) Max Temp: 32 – 34 degree Min Low:  4 – 21 degree Months:  End September – End April Other conditions: Light rain, high wind, chance of hail storm, thunder storm, fog formation in the morning. Note that rain last only 5 – 7 minutes maximum.  In very rare occassion might last  6 hours. In recent years we wintess un-usual periods of rain and thunderstorms in Dubai. SUMMER: (Very warm and hot, typical desert weather conditions). Max Temp: 48 – 52 degree Min Low: 27 – 36 degree Months: May – September Other conditions: High dusty wind; possibility of heavy dust storm which blanket all city or even the country – visibility low. High humidity particularly at night. Sweating just by standing or sitting outdoors, note this not happen during the all duration of summer, just some days. Formation of tropical cyclones from Indian ocean, very rare but in recent times it happen in End May 2007 and End May 2010. Such tropical storms depends on their path it can bring un-usual heavy rain, high wind and heavy cloud cover in in early June. You may want to use below tool, type the city in this case Dubai or Abu Dhabi and then month, it will give you weather information about that month you enquire.  Have Fun. Dubai Current Weather Update: For the past ten years (from 1996) to 2010 Dubai weather changed. Not like that changed dramatically, but in recent years experienced a bit of more rain, thunder storms and hail storms with high wind.

 In United Arab Emirates, cities that moslty receive rainfall during the winter season (November to March) are Al Ain, Fujairah which include Khorfakhan and Dubai. Yes, Dubai sometimes share a good weather with rain during the winter season in the Arabian Sea.  Though sometimes years passed by without any rain and if that happen, there is a religious customs that in such cases prayers are conducted to pray for rain all over the country. Back to un-usual phenomenon of weather which affect UAE and other countries in the Arabian Sea and that with Indian Ocean, the Tropical Cyclones, do not be alarm, as the chance of forming is rare and happen during between the month May – June, which is a lower tourist season as those are the early summer months.  At the same time in recent years two major cyclones forms formed from the Indian Ocean and affect countries like Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Iran and pakistan. In 2007 category 5 tropical  cyclone Gonu we reported since in very early stages on 27th May 2007 and end 7th June 2007.  Category 4 tropical cyclone Phet formed May 30th 2010 and end June 7th 2010. Weather Updates from Points2Deliver:  (We do inform in advance any un usual activities of weather, information we obtain from differrent reputable sources in the net) Below are previous updates between End May to June 2010: (Click to below links to open files in online PDF format file, will not download) All Images are copyrighted: Hasan Al Jaberi (points2deliver) During Summer April – September temperature increses and may reach upto 51 degree in mid afternoon  and humidity is high at night. But that do not alarm you, you may not feel much of warm and high temp in UAE as most of the buildings, malls, vehicles, indoor halls and many places are fully equiped with central cooling systems. So warm and heat are the things of the past and only you can feel is you just walk few distances outdoor. Abu Dhabi Current Weather Update: Abu Dhabi the capital city of UAE, most of the year is dry, and even sometimes Dubai may experience few showers and thunder storms, but in Abu Dhabi is very rare. Just about 120km away from Dubai, but still there is a bit different in weather conditions such as wind, rain and thunderstoms.  In recent years even Abu Dhabi recieved much of the rainfall like other cities in the country. WEATHER UPDATES FOR OTHER CITIES IN UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Below are very useful tools to check out weather in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: